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Update 9/13/07

Full hands, full head, full heart.

I wish I had a quarter for every time my husband and I have been told we've got our hands full. Our hands would surely be full...of quarters and we'd be cashing all of that in on a trip to Cancun right about now for a much-needed getaway. Our hands are full right now.  But, ironically, our hands are not full and couldn't possibly be when we're chasing 4 kids in four different directions.  I'd say my hands are empty most of the time, except when I'm picking up the loads of things - toys, clothes, books -  that are left in trails all over the house.  Yet, my hands are full in many different ways.

My mind is full as well.  Kelli's going to have a busy year and until she gets a car, I'll be her #1 means of transportation. But the good news is, we're moving in the right direction.  She's gotten her license and can now run herself (in my precious Mom-Van) to and from places locally.  My mind is full of playing taxi and coordinating extracurricular activities for the kids right now.  Between Kelli's chorus and Angus's karate, my thoughts of my parents, my adult children, my job with Loren and caring for the little ones, my mind is indeed full right now.

My heart is full, too.  I can't forget my heart.  Kelli is turning into a woman before my eyes and I can't do anything to slow that process, try as I may.  Kevin is already there, grown up, independent, self-sufficient.  Kristi's got a family of her own.  Where'd my babies go?  And those four little ones are developing closer bonds and better communication skills now with one another and my heart melts like Belgian chocolate when I see how tenderly they behave toward one another.  My heart is indeed very full right now and threatens to explode now and again from the intense love I feel.

I've heard triplet moms say that "three is harder than two" - in all senses.  Quite true.  But, in terms of age, it is said that the terrible twos having nothing on the tumultuous threes.  I can't begin to imagine.  I'm working now, so I don't deal with the all-day struggles that stay-at-home moms face.  However, it's not the quantity of hours that make it a challenge to manage, but rather the intensity of the particular moment. 

I've found that I can summarize life (as I know it) with triplet preschoolers by breaking the day down into cycles of three separate phases.  The length between and duration of the each phase can be minutes or seem endless.  It seems there is a mob-mentality with triplets.  The intensity of their group-think-approach can aptly be compared to a tidal wave, an earthquake, a tornado, a nuclear assault - well, you get the picture. 

  • Phase 1:  The calm before the storm - That's when I say to myself, "I think these guys are finally calming down.  Today seems to be going very smoothly.  Maybe we're moving into a new, easier phase in their lives."

  • Phase 2:  This is where it all breaks down.  All hell breaks loose and a nightmare unfolds before my eyes.  Kids screaming, messes of water, of clothes, broken toys, food, chaos.   I brace myself when the storm hits and I say to myself, "Dear Lord, if you please let me survive this storm, I promise..."  At that point, I'd promise anything.  Time is meaningless.

  • Phase 3:  Ever watch the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado - the lost devastated look in the eyes of those who survived as they take inventory of their ravaged land?  That's Phase 3.  At this point, they've gotten the blood-lust out of their systems and are emotionally spent and ready to sit quietly and watch TV or calmly read a book.  And, me?  I'm cowering in the back of my brain somewhere with my arms tucked neatly around my knees, rocking in the corner, babbling and drooling.

And quickly I forget...then the phases begin again.  Sometimes minutes between the cycle, sometimes hours - but surely they begin again.  And I will have my hands full and my head full before I can blink.  But, thankfully, it's my full heart that keeps me going and enjoying this crazy life I have.

Sharing a lollipop.

So sweet.

Ruca got a hold
of some markers.

Why I love
living in Florida.

Our little "turds."
Grossology Exhibit

Beginning of the

Middle of the walk.
Pretending to be dogs.

End of the walk.
They took of running.

Kelli, going to
work at the school.

Angus and Max
at school.

Looking at turtles.

Climbing the skin
condition wall.
Grossology Exhibit

Loren and the girls.

Nadia and Ruca

Ruca found some

Nadia making friends
with some ducks.

Getting rid of
stale bread.

Those ducks
loved us!

Max doing what
he does best.

On our way into

Playing a pinball
machine was a "gas."
Grossology Exhibit

Checking out
what's for lunch.
Grossology Exhibit

Loren and Max
inside of a nose.
Grossology Exhibit

Nadia and Angus
learning about snot.
Grossology Exhibit


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