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Update 8/18/07

Lazy, Crazy, Hazy

Not a huge update this time.  We're going on one full week tomorrow without our air conditioner.  Thus, the title of this update.  It's too hot to be anything but lazy.  And that includes exercising my brainwaves - may as well be microwaves in this heat.  Our thermostat registered 90-degrees today inside.  I continue to try to see the positive but find that the general mood in the household becomes less and less tolerant as the days wear on and the mercury rises.  We (cross our fingers) should have AC on Monday.  Here's a picture of what we've had to do for the little ones' room in this heat.  We've barricaded their door with 2 gates to keep them from roaming in the night while letting air circulate.


This past month, we've moved into a new phase.  I'm back to work - working with the most wonderful boss in the world - my best friend/husband.  It's been such a smooth transition for the little ones.  They're all attending a local Montessori school.  I have to say, I was nervous about thrusting four Rhotons on the staff and felt certain that by the end of the first week, we'd have our first expulsions to report.  But apparently, the kids have faired well.  Big sigh of relief.

Very excited about their first day at school.

They took over the school within minutes.

Four gourmet lunches to go!

Kelli hit a milestone as well, this month.  She just got her driver's license.  I can't believe the baby of my "original three" has her license.  I'm pretty happy that she'll be able to run errands for me and it should be as much help as it is nerve-racking for me.  I'm far more relaxed about it this time around than I was when my oldest got her license.  By the time the trio get their licenses, I should be able to handle anything!

Kristi shared a picture with me today of Camryn knuckle-deep with her finger in her nose.  I thought it was so funny that I have a picture of her around the same age, in the same pose.  I had to share.

Like mother, like daughter - but not like grandmother.

Kristi, digging deep.

Camryn, digging deep.

And here's another "then and now" to share.  I just don't want to blink sometimes, they grow so fast.

Ruca, Max and Nadia (girls with their blankies).

Ruca, Nadia and Max (girls with their blankies, still).

A link worth checking out - the McKenney family's "instant celebrity" experience.  I love this video.  This sums up our every-single-outing when the little ones were babies.  Here it is.

Here are a few more pictures from this past month.

Angus exploring a book with Max.

Checking out a pond at Sunken Gardens in St. Pete.

Fascinated with a tropical bird.


Max and Nadia

Max and Angus

Ruca and Nadia

Who needs more than one toddler bed for triplets?!

Angus, working toward a Black Belt.

Princess Nadia

Grandma and the triplets.

Daddy giving a piggyback ride.

Angus, showing his awesome swimming skills.

At the Florida Aquarium

Ready for school.

My original three.

My original three at St. Pete Pier

Ruca with Daddy's bandana.

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