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Update 7-29-08

Just a quick update.

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Stand still, please!!!

I started to update my website and with the business of being busy, it's just been impossible.  I have all of these creative urges and I can find the time to bring them to fruition.  Ah, well.... I'm a few hours away from a marathon trip from coast to coast to return my sweet granddaughter, Cami, to California and return and I just want to throw a few pictures up.  This past month has been a fun, crazy, blur and I tried to capture a few of the highlights.  Here they are.

  • Kristi just re-enlisted in the Air Force.  When you see someone in our armed forces, tell them thanks for what they do.  It means a lot.  Thanks, Kristi.  You're my hero and I love you!

  • The kids are proficient swimmers now.  See the pictures below.

This past month we've:

  • Celebrated Cami's second birthday

  • Gone to celebrate Snooty the Manatee's 60th birthday in Sarasota

  • Gone to the Ringling Circus Museum

  • Taken the kids to MOSI

  • Traveled to the beach

  • Taken a nature walk

Never a dull moment!


Cool kids on a hot day.

My crazy cat!

Ruca consoling Nadia for whatever reason.

Nadia helping to paint.

Kristi, Nadia and Ruca looking for monsters under the bed.

Me and my youngest 4.

Kristi and Kevin.

Aunties Nadia and Ruca with Cami.

Cami's TWO!

Loren and me on a date - cool shadows of us.

My wonderful daughter and granddaughter.

Look at those baby blues!

Cami in our backyard.

Cami on the piano.

My new bumper sticker.

Loren teaching Angus his expert bowling techniques.

Angus, my big bowler!

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