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Update 6-20-08

Yeah, what she said!

A few nights ago, we attained a new record for getting four kids ready for bed.  It took us less than five minutes to have four children ushered from the van and tucked in bed - we're talking potty, teeth, PJs, hugs, kisses, the "yeah, yeah, we'll do that tomorrow" responses to things we had forgotten to do that day, and then lights out.  They were whining, crying, and fighting with one another.  They had had enough of that day and so had we.  Not exactly how we'd planned to put them in bed, but our youngest four have reached a new level of the collective mind.  They don't say it, but it really is, "Yeah, what she said!" 

Here's how it starts.  Ruca makes an announcement:  "My feet hurt."  Nadia:  "Yeah, mine hurt too!" (said in more of a whine than a statement).  "My feet hurt," chimes in Mr. Max with his staccato castrati-esque voice.  "Yeah, we need to wash our feet cuz they hurt," adds Angus for good measure.  Thanks, Angus, for introducing that lovely idea.  Before I know it, I have a herd of "I-can't-walk-my-feet-hurt" children delivering their agony at great decibels.  C'mon guys, give Mom and Dad a break!

It's challenging.  It's rewarding.  Our only hope each day is to achieve the same level of reward (or more) as we have challenges so that the teeter-totter remains rising and falling.  When those challenges outweigh the rewards...well, ever been at the top of a see-saw when someone else who's in control of the bottom threatens to jump off?  It's a painful ride down for someone.  Thankfully, our daily life is pretty rewarding.  Let's keep that teeter-totter moving.

I have a new blog.  It's not as much family-related as it is triplet-related.  It's http://angusandthetriplets.blogspot.com.

News to report:

  • Kristi is planning a visit with Camryn at the beginning of July to celebrate Camryn's 2nd birthday. Camryn will stay with us while Kristi has surgery and I'll fly Camryn back to CA at the end of July.  I can't wait to see my first baby and my granddaughter.

  • Kristi just got orders to Belgium.  I'm so excited for her!!!  Now to plan our visit...

  • Kevin is moving out and into his first apartment close to USF.  I'm really excited for him and am gathering up things he'll be needing for his first big adult move.

  • Kelli had a car accident yesterday, but she's okay.  It was a hit-and-run and she's hoping that the police find the guy and that he has insurance, $2,000.00 later.  Thankfully, she got the tag number.  Kelli was on her way to orientation for her new job at McDonalds.

  • Kelli's in a quartet called the Candy Apples.  Oh my goodness, they sound awesome.  They sent an audition clip of the Star Spangled Banner to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and are hoping to sing at the opening of one of next season's games.

  • Angus and the trio are currently taking swimming lessons.  Angus is a champion swimmer and he's now learning to do snorkeling.  Ruca, Max and Nadia have mastered going under water to retrieve shells and such.  Within a few weeks, they should be swimming like dolphins.

  • Finally, our Bengal baby, Rumple, is a madman.  Nobody told us that Bengals chew toys, shoes, furniture, and paper like puppies.  Nobody told us that they'll eat literally any human food they get their mouths on and will remove it from your spoon as it's headed toward your mouth.  We're learning a lot about our little furry hybrid kitty.  He's a lot of fun.

Below are some of the highlights of the last few months.  Sadly, there aren't many photos of my olders.  They have such busy lives and can't stand it when I "jam a camera" in their faces.  I remember those days.

While Mom is away, Dad will play.

While I was recovering from surgery, Daddy was in charge. 
Dad's more fun than mom, I think. 

While Mom's in the hospital, Dad paints the kids.

They were thrilled.

They looked like savages.

Cute crazy savages.


We had an awesome time.  We have photos
of Ruca, Max and Angus bouncing with some bungees on a trampoline. 
Poor Nadia didn't weigh enough and the whole time, she was remarking
sadly, "I'm too tiny to bounce.  I'm teeny tiny." Maybe next time
we'll put some stones in her pockets to weigh her down a bit. Poor girl. 

Waiting for daddy who was taking a restroom break.

Give them two teaspoons of water and they'll call it a puddle.

The girls just looked too cute walking hand-in-hand.

Now this is what 3-year-old triplets and a big brother are supposed to look like while waiting for Dad.

Max and Daddy watching Shamu.

Angus was thrilled to see Shamu

They were all impressed with the Clydesdale horse.

Ruca was big enough to bounce.

Max was big enough to bounce.

Angus was big enough to bounce.

Sunday Morning Fun

We're sort of getting into a Sunday morning tradition of having
monkey bread.  I decided to have the kids try something different
and we rolled the dough in colored sugar.  They had so much fun
and they tasted better than Cinnabons. 

A variation of monkey bread. We all got together and quartered frozen dinner rolls, rolled them in colored sugar.

We covered them in a sticky sweet sauce and baked it.

This picture doesn't do it justice.

Cinnabun has NOTHING on my fun family monkey bread.

Stuffing our faces with monkey bread.

Father's Day Presents

We bought Loren a new trailer for his tractor for Father's Day
and he took us out for a spin through the neighborhood.  Lots of fun and
what a sight to see.

Loren's new wagon for his tractor.

I climbed in with the 4 little ones for a ride.


Rare shot with all three boys of mine.

Nadia put my very old, very raggedy Raggedy Ann in timeout. As if that poor doll doesn't have enough problems.

Maximus with his alien doll, Minimus

Rumple, our wild animal.

Max, trying on the mac'n cheese.

Ruca, complete with make up and mac n' cheese.

My biggest baby boy - Kevin (now nearing 20). I miss that tiny boy.

Our crazy kitty.

The Candy Apples, Kelli's quartet. Kelli's second from the left as you see it. They sound awesome!!!!

My triglets. They're totally into being triplets now.

A cluster of redheads. Such a sweet hug.

ID booger pickers. They're going to hate this one someday.

Ruca, with my reading glasses and a Buca di Beppo hat. What a dork!

Angus, sharing Nadia's braids.

Fighting over a soda. Notice Angus in the rear, rather impatient to get moving.

My tiny little Kristi, who now has a tiny little Camryn of her very own.

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