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Update 6/14/07

Quick Update

This is a quick update, but not lacking in really awesome pictures.  I've been feeling under the weather this past month.  Today is the first day in several weeks that I feel myself.  I was hit with Fifth Disease (human parvovirus) and the result of that was a lot more lasting than the kid version....oh well, such is life.  Just another bump in the road.

Speaking of bumps in the road, Kevin flipped and totaled his car.  How scary for him (and for me)!  When I think of what might have happened...I'm just so grateful he's got a really awesome guardian angel.  Life is so fragile, so precious.  Reminders like that always bring that lesson to the foreground.

This month has been a challenge, physically for me, but also just with its share of big changes.  The little people moved to toddler beds.  We've done our share of troubleshooting and problem-solving with regard to keeping them in lockdown after hours.  The trio have had a perpetual slumber-party since the change.  They've destroyed/moved/rearranged everything that isn't bolted down.  I was dreading this time, but it's not been as hard as I initially thought.  I have the benefit of hindsight on my side.  I know someday they'll be teenagers and then adults.  I'll be wishing for the squeals, bumps, bangs and wails that come from their room as they fight against their own exhaustion at bedtime.  They are so cute.

Kelli's back, safe and sound from Costa Rica.  What a cool experience for her!  Kristi and Camryn will be visiting shortly.  I'm looking forward to sharing my granddaughter's first birthday with her, here at our house.  Paul will be on the phone sharing in the singing of "Happy Birthday" to little Camryn from Iraq.  How awesome technology is! 

Anyway, here are the pictures.  I caught a lot of good ones - I'm surprised.  Mostly, I haven't had the energy this month to do anything but sit back and watch my children explore the world.  Enjoy...

Angus at the Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota

Kids "caught" in a net.

My cuties on a walk.

Angus and his new 2-wheeler.



All four - I LOVE this picture.

Big kid beds.

I love this one. Nadia in the foreground.

My big boy.


Reluctant to get a kiss.

Nadia and Max.




Angus. Is this a preview of his teen years?

So sweet.

What a goofball.

On a walk.

Nadia and Max sharing a bed.

Max trying to share Nadia's bed.

Ruca and Nadia sharing a bed.

Max passed out in his drawer.

Ruca and Nadia sharing a bed

My original three.

Loren, Ruca and Angus chilling.

Ruca in a buzz lightyear head thing.

Ruca and Max

Ruca and Angus

Ruca and Max were knocked down by the goat and just sat there for a while.

Kelli and Kristi when they were little.

Such big kids now.

My crew and Laura's crew.

Nadia has a keen sense of style.

Just an artistic one of the girls that I did.

Kevin flipped his car.


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