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Update 4/5/07

Off into Spring

This past month has whizzed by faster than most previous months.  Having a three-headed two-year-old monster with 6 arms and 6 legs but just one collective mind hell-bent on destroying my house has not been easy. 

In fact, I called Loren at one point at his office and asked him to come home on a particularly rough day.  My severed thumb-tip bandaged, I was convinced I had fallen into a pit of two-year-old sharks who could smell fresh blood.  They were determined to chew me up and spit me out.  It was truly the hardest day ever.  The inmates had definitely taken over the asylum.

Thankfully those days don't last forever.  Because there are some sweet things to report.  Angus was hanging out inside of a play tunnel for about 15 minutes with Ruca.  He was cuddling with her, doting on her, kissing her and finally he looked straight into her eyes and said "I love you, Nadia."  He had the WRONG girl.  He thought he'd been hanging out with Nadia.  Too funny.  I know Ruca was loving the attention because Angus favors Nadia and hardly ever lavishes attention like that on Ruca.  And the whole time he and Ruca were in the tunnel, I was saying to myself, "that's so sweet that he's spending time with Ruca for a change."

We spent last weekend at Weeki Wachee Springs.  Angus wanted to meet a real mermaid.  He's been wishing on stars at night that someday he'll become a merman.  So this was a big thing for him.  He was pleasantly surprised to see that the mermaids were topless, little man-in-training that he is.

Well, my thumb is nearly healed and I'm grateful.  Perhaps now I can actually get on with playing the piano I got but couldn't use for my birthday.  I'm looking forward to that. 

Kelli's one semester away from getting a car.  I'm just over a week's wait from visiting my granddaughter.  I'm very excited.  Kevin's school is going well.  He'll take no break during the summer from classes.  Trudging away.

That's it for now.  Ta-ta.

Princess Nadia shares a moment (and hair color) with her little doggie, Opie.

A day at the aquarium. That was Angus, Sean, Max, Ruca, Joey, Brian, and Nadia (big brother and triplets and big brother and twins).

Ruca, Nadia and Max gazing at the fish in the aquarium.

Angus pulling the triplets.

Max, worn out after a hard day of destroying the house.

It takes 5 Rhotons to get the dishwasher loaded and ready to run.

And 5 to close the door.

Almost 4 on a piano bench.

All four little ones enjoying my birthday present.

Angus was more interested in the cricket on the ground in front of him than the gorgeous peacock just beside him.

All 4 little ones were fascinated by the mermaid statues at Weeki Wachee Springs. Angus was especially impressed that they were barebreasted mermaids

Little ones burning off energy.


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