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Update 4/30/07

Are they triplets?

A few weeks ago, Nadia started asking everyone and anyone and no one in particular, "Are they triplets?"  Since she hears that question several times a week, it's natural to think that it's a significant and useful question.  Although she has no idea what the word triplets means.

But I can tell you, they are DEFINITELY triplets.  Terribly-trying-temper-tantrum-tossing-terrible-twos-in-triplicate is what I'd really call them.  Frenzied and loud and full of passion about everything, they are a force!

If you notice by the pictures, there aren't many of the little ones right now.  That's because they spend most of the time running around the house naked.  All three decided this week that they wanted to wear underwear instead of diapers.  All praise goes to Potty Power, the video!  They've been chanting the annoying songs from that video for months, and using the catch-phrase "No more diapers for me," all donned underwear proud as can be.  That's two-year-old strong will - not potty-training.  Had I wanted them to potty train this week, they'd have developed a strong attachment to Pampers suddenly.

It's tough, this past month, with all of the willful opposition, to remember the rewards in all of this chaos.  Then I remember back to when my original three were little.  I had the same issues.  Just not multiplied.  The half-years seem harder to me than the whole years - 2 1/2, 3 1/2, etc.  Two-year-olds are fun - two-and-a-half-year-olds are self-centered little beasts.  At least that's been my experience.  But when they're older, I know too well, that I'll miss this age of our self-serving little animals.   Yes, they're definitely triplets and they're definitely in their terrible twos.

I had a terrific extended weekend out in California visiting my daughter, Kristi, her husband, Paul, and my wonderful granddaughter, Camryn.  It went way too quickly for me, but it was worth it.  Kristi, Paul, his sister and I did some sightseeing and Paul kicked my butt at Monopoly.  Loads of fun.  Camryn is the smiliest baby I've ever met.  An amazingly sweet disposition.  And I can't believe how big she is.  I need that little girl to know her grandma, so I'm hoping to see her as often as I can.

If you care to say a prayer or think happy thoughts for a safe journey, safe stay and safe return for my son-in-law, Paul, I'd appreciate it.  He's being deployed to Iraq in just a few days for 4-months.  It'll be tough on their family, and his safety and wellbeing will be on our minds constantly. 

Last but not least, Angus is working toward knowing how to write all of his letters and numbers.  He's taken an interest in bugs and fish, and I think he knows more about them than me.  Nothing much else going on.  Business as usual for Kevin and Kelli - studying, school, homework, friends.  Ta-ta for now.

Angus needs to always remember to insert that important letter "g."

Couch potatoes.

My beautiful sweet granddaughter, Camryn.

Space Parade at Angus's school - Loren and the wee ones.

Angus and his spacesuit.

Nadia in the foreground - others testing out the sprinkler.

Notice Nadia's still in the towel - which when wet weighed more than her.

Camryn has the most mesmerizing eyes!

Camryn and her daddy, Paul.

My new favorite of Camryn.

Kristi, Camryn and me at Muir Woods, a redwood forest.

At the coast in California - it was windy, chilly and gorgeous.

My beautiful daughter with her beautiful daughter.


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