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Update 4/23/08

Guide to Feeding Rhotons

Step 1

Carefully plan out a nutritiously balanced meal containing just the right mix of appetizing yet nutritious foods, keeping in mind the taste preferences of four unique individuals.

Step 2

Spend at least 30 minutes preparing above-mentioned meal - remember more is better.

Step 3

Lovingly place all food in a thoughtful manner, strategically arranging foods for aesthetic appeal and to keep each food from touching any other food on the plate.

Step 4

Quickly dump it right into the garbage (or save for leftovers)- after allowing it to cool on a plate in front of a finicky Rhoton.

Step 5

Spend at least one hour cleaning dishes, counters, and pots and pans.  While cleaning, don't forget to begin planning the next Rhoton meal.

So much fun, these guys are, right now.  And our lives are so busy.  Here are some photos from this past month.

Anyway, here are the highlights of these past four weeks.

School circus program

My clowns

Last time in the choo-choo wagon.

Feeding lorikeets at the zoo. Angus was apprehensive.

Sitting on a dragon.

Rumple - our wild kitty.

My gorgeous daughter and granddaughter.


Nadia's new trick - winking.

Sweet boys sleeping like angels.

Angus on a nature walk.

Rainy day fun - we made crowns.

Max with his crown

Princess Nadia

Ruca the princess

Angus in front of a battleship.

At the aquarium.

Pure joy!





Sleeping on the floor together

Max was so proud.

Ruca with markers


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