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Update 4/10/08

Fevers and Mucus and Vomit, Oh My!

I'm a bit under the weather right now, so I'll make this short and sweet, lest I lapse into a fever-induced tangent.  The theme of this past month has been fever and I'm ready for a new theme.  I was scheduled for surgery tomorrow, but it's been postponed until later this month since I'm currently nursing a sinus infection and sore throat.  The kids have all been sick and are just getting over it.  But in between illnesses, we've managed to make the most out of this past month.  Below are a few of the highlights.

The little ones are all about being "tricklets" now.  They really enjoy watching the little videos I've made of their antics.  Ruca and Nadia are pretty sure that Angus is also one of the "tricklets."  They spend so much time as a foursome, that it's only natural that they don't get it. 

And I am still not sure that the girls understand that they're identical twins.  Just last week Ruca was in the car and said, "Nadia, you're not pretty."  Nadia replied, "Yes, I am pretty.  You're not pretty."  That's amusing...hearing identicals insulting each other's looks.  Someday they'll understand the irony in that.  For now, I get a chuckle.

Anyway, here are the highlights of these past four weeks.  If you scroll over the individual photos, you'll see the description.

Introducing our newest family member...
Rumple, our new Bengal baby.


Bengals were originally created by crossing an Asian leopard cat with a domestic tabby.  They have pelt-type hair instead of a traditional cat coat - soft and luxurious, very Mink-like.  Our new little guy is a bundle of energy and a great addition.


A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Sanibel Island.  Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous there.  We spent a good deal of time doing the "Sanibel Stoop," as it is called, engaging in the island's famous pastime - gathering shells.  Five of my seven kids were there.  It could only have been more perfect if all of my children could have been with me.



Last weekend, we finally took the plunge and got the girls their very first haircuts.  I was sad to see those cute wispy baby curls go, but it was time.  Their hair is still just as gorgeous as ever.



It's been a busy month.  We can only slow it down by capturing the moments in photo form. 
Here are some highlights.



I started to cut Angus's hair with the clippers and forgot the attachment.  So, off came the whole head of hair.  He was a very good sport.  I wonder how many times I'll do this before I learn my lesson.


Loren caught Nadia trying to amputate Raggedy Ann's leg.



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