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Update 3/6/07

Amusements and Diversions

That's the theme this week.  Really.  Sunday was a zoo trip.  And basically every day since then I've felt like I'm part of a zoo.  Smells like a zoo, too, sometimes.  But that's another story.

Anyway, I've been passing the time this past week poking fun at this crazy triplet life and finding myself incredibly amused.  Every triplet mom needs a diversion to keep her grounded.  I have loads.  But this past week, I've found myself reflecting on the funnier aspects. 

This morning, I took the little ones to Party City in search of a beloved giraffe that Nadia had lost.  I had heard they sold them there, so off we went.  While lugging the trio through the store in the choo-choo wagon, I passed both a young guy and a nicely-done display of Easter eggs, peeps, etc.  He was so taken aback by the choo-choo wagon and its contents, that he ran straight into the display.  Oh, if only I'd had my video camera.  Those metal hanging display rods went clanging to the floor, peeps, eggs, and grass went tumbling.  That young guy felt like an idiot.  But I saw the humor.

Let me just face the fact that I am pretty much a prisoner in my own home, being held captive by some very devious captors.  We can't go outside because our yard presents so many issues in the way of safety.  Well, I threw caution to the wind and out we went.  Nadia and Max were very proud to be sporting underwear instead of a diaper.  Ruca was proud to be a member of the diaper club.  Anyway, all you-know-what broke loose.  Max ditched his clothes and started rubbing his man-parts in the dirt, aka the catbox.  Nadia scraped her leg and was demanding a bayandide (very southern accent for bandaid).  Soon after she peed her pants.  Making a mad dash inside for new clothes, I returned to count heads, thankful that nobody had escaped. 

I brought with me four popsicles which promptly fell in the dirt.  Umm, excuse me, catbox.  Yanking them from their little hands and ushering them inside, I realized I was covered with drool, sticky popsicles, and pee.  Did I change my shirt?   Yeah, right.  No time.   Later, I looked down at my shirt before heading out to a choral performance Kelli was participating in and realized I was covered with unidentifiable crusty patches.  I can only guess.  I had to laugh.

I think many triplet moms could get a false sense of their own self-worth if they only paid attention to the onlookers who forever praise their fertile efforts and organized ways.  I think bringing them back down to earth are days like I had today.  And, I try to laugh either way.

New news:  Kelli's group sounded superb tonight.  That teacher is awesome.  Brings out the talent.  I'm so proud of my pretty talented hardworking daughter.  She's on her way to getting a vehicle by the end of the school year for all of her efforts. 

Angus's need to know things has exploded this week.  I heard "why" so many times today I was answering the echos of "why" in my head even when he wasn't asking.  After the 300th creative answer, my responses turn to "Gee, Mommies sometimes just don't have all the answers.  Wait until Daddy gets home.  Maybe he'll know."  So the "why's" soon begin after Loren gets home.  And I get a little break and he's none the "why"zer.

Nadia is speaking in well-thought out sentences now.  Ruca not so much.  Max, well we're waiting.  But each gets his or her point across.  Max, behind in language, makes up for it with his destruction skills.  Nadia makes up for apathy to learning new things with cute.  Nadia is all cute and all smart all the time.  But she's a mean little elf.  We're contemplating renting the girls and Angus out as leprechauns this year.  Okay, just kidding.  Well, maybe.

Nadia, changing Ruca's diaper. When they change each other, it's time to potty train!

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