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Update 3/20/07

Leaps and Bounds

The wee ones are growing by leaps and bounds right now, developmentally and physically.  It's such an amazingly fun and overwhelmingly exhausting time right now.  The redeeming qualities that 2-year-olds possess help us balance the stubborn passionate temper tantrums that they seem to enjoy so much.  Thank God they're cute, I say sometimes. 

This week it seems like their language skills and attention span have increased an amazing amount.  I just really enjoy hearing how they interpret the world.  :Here are a few of their pronunciations - pretty amusing.

  • Kelli's boyfriend Spencer:  His name has become Pencil. 

  • The last line of the song "Ring around the Rosie" has become "asses, asses, we all fall down."  They have no idea of what they're saying.  I don't even think they've ever heard the word.  But their "s" and "sh" sounds are interchangeable. 

  • Our resident skeleton, Lance Carbuncle, has become Bones Barbuncle.

  • The "L" has fallen from "flag" and Nadia talks about wanting her fag a lot.

  • For a while there, Angus couldn't say the "sk" sound and instead said "sh," so when he called Nadia a skitterbug, it became sh-itterbug.  We got a kick out of asking him to say "skittles."  So innocent.  I love that innocence!

New stuff: 

We have a new toddler prison in our backyard.  I had to have a way to get the little ones outside safely when I'm alone.  So Loren worked hard at getting a fence up around the swingset.  He's my hardworking hero!  I love that guy!

Angus is learning to play the violin now.  He's SO attentive in it.  Just a natural.  I love it!

I'm getting ready to head off to visit my granddaughter, Camryn.  I'm so excited.  She's in California and I'm certain I'm going to have a hard time pulling myself away from her for even a second while I'm there.  My son-in-law is off to Iraq in a month, so I want to see him before he goes.  Let's not forget what brave young people are doing for our country right now.

I participated in the National Geographic genographic project and I was excited to receive the results today.  My maternal blood line can be traced from east central Africa, up through Russia and over to Western Europe.  No big surprise there.  I've only had the chance to glance at it, but there's a lot more info that I'm looking forward to learning from the info I received. 

Well, that's a pretty boring update.  I'm putting the finishing touches on a video from the last 6-months of material.  I should be done with it this weekend.  I also should be done updating my Hypnobirthing story, too.

Our new fence.

Angus with his violin.

My cuties!

One of the other portraits.

One of the others of the boys.

Cool kids out to see Manatees.

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