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Update 3-11-08

Lots going on.

I seem to be reaching my limit of multitasking ability.  I realize I haven't updated my website since January - a record lull for me.  I wonder how it is that I used to have so much time to update my website, and yet lately I don't.  But I have triplet three-year-olds and (at least to a mom with triplets) that explains and excuses a lot. 

The terrible-twos had nothing on this stage.  Wow, are three-year-olds emotionally demanding! 

  • They each clamor to be heard over the others (LOUDLY). 

  • They vie for the one coveted toy that moments earlier was ignored by all (LOUDLY). 

  • They each have immediate, no, URGENT clothing, food, bathroom needs (LOUDLY and all at once). 

  • The mood of one can set the tone for the entire day, as they seem to feed off of each others' vibes, good or bad.

But I choose not to wish away this stage.  I have less than a decade to enjoy these little ones before adolescence kicks in and I intend to make the most of each stage.  Emotional exhaustion with three three-year-olds will pale in comparison to the emotional exhaustion we'll experience with three thirteen-year-olds!

In other news, I've been on a low calorie, exercise, doctor-monitored diet since December 7th of 2007.  I've lost 50 pounds total.  I'm pretty excited to, once again, be the person who was hiding under the bulge.  If you click on my "before photo" below (Yuck!  I hate this picture!), you'll see me now.  Next month I'll be undergoing surgery (torsoplasty) to rid myself of the excess skin that producing triplets has caused.  For more on the type of surgery I'm having, click here. In a nutshell, I'll look like a magic trick gone wrong.

                             Click on the photo to the left to see the updated me.

  The incision is circumferential and I'll lose about 10 more pounds of unnecessary skin.  Check out this courageous woman's photo collage of her triplet pregnancy belly.  Pretty much that sums up my shape, as well.

Other things going on...

  • Kelli got a car.  A 2002 Cavalier. She's thrilled and I'm not, because it's one step for her to inch into adulthood.

  • Kevin's in Kentucky for Spring Break at the moment, enjoying every moment, I'm sure.

  • Kristi et. al. are still out in California.  Camryn is talking more and more each day. 

  • Angus is doing incredibly well at his spelling words and gets nearly all of his spelling tests 100% correct.  He's very enthusiastic about reading and for a Pre-K kid, he's doing wonderfully.

  • One month from today, I'll be recouping from my surgery.

New pages for your enjoyment!  My Triplet Postcards page is a work in progress and my new Triplet Fun Stuff page is one I intend to add to as well.


Our Jackson Pollock
family art project.

Going on a pretty
bike ride.

My Things 1 through 4
Angus was just coming down with Strep in this one.

Kristi and Camryn
Those are some very
blue eyes!

Just a sweet one.

Angus is such
a goofball.

Saying goodbye to
an old friend.
Giving up the Runabout to a friend.

A wonderful day
at the pool.

At Seaworld.

The kids were cute in their Thing 1, 2, 3 and 4 shirts.
Notice the three gawkers to Loren's right.  Who could blame them?  The kids commanded attention in those shirts.  Too cute!

Before and After

My Incredibles
The Incredibles

Ruca and Nadia

Cool effect - one on
each side of a window. 

Kelli's friends decorated her new car.

Kelli still in shock over her new 2002


My incredible girlies.

Ruca admiring herself.

Angus, goofing around.

My incredible little dudes.

My little girlies.

Ruca and Nadia on a ride at Seaworld.  Wow, their hair looks red!

A nice one of Angus

I love this silhouette of Max.


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