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Update 12/22/06

Nearing the end of 2006

Quick update and a few random moments:

A few days ago, I was fixing milk for the little ones.  Relatively relaxed and the day not going completely out of control, I had my back turned on the little ones and let my guard down just a little.  Behind me, I heard the little ones chanting "boing, boing, boing" followed by giggles.  More "boing, boing" and more giggles.  No large noises of things breaking, no screams, no real chaotic rustling.  So I chimed in, head lolling back and forth happily, with "boing, boing, boing."  (I find myself chiming in a lot to their songs, ABCs, counting, so why not "boing, boing?")  Then I saw a grape fly by!

I had cut up a whole plateful of grapes and set them on their little table.  As I turned around, I noticed that the whole kitchen floor was covered with grapes!  And by chiming in with "boing, boing" myself, I had unknowingly given them the "mom seal of approval."  Too funny.

Not good nappers now!  I'm lucky if they nap at all sometimes, but I zip them in their cages, I mean crib tents, so that they can have some quiet time (and so can I).  I learned this week that quiet time can also mean strip-down-naked-and-fling-poo time.  Kelli went to get the little ones and found Nadia without her clothes on and a mess in front of her crib.  She promptly came to get me so I could take care of the situation.  She's a great big sister, but even Kelli has her limits.

Picture the movie The Omen.  If you've not seen it, 'tis not the season, but definitely put it on your list.  If you have seen it, remember the scene where the little boy is being taken to a church and how he reacted?  Pure demon-possessed chaos.  I'm not saying we need to hire an exorcist yet, but we had a similar situation during lunch today.

Loren had suggested that we go to lunch as a diversion - a little stress-reliever for me.  We brought another attorney, Ryan, along (who happens to be a big brother to triplets himself).  Max was uncontrollable and inconsolable.  He ranted and screamed and grunted and flailed throughout our entire lunch.  It was maddening.  I honestly have never seen anything like it.   Making matters worse, Ruca threw a champion fit herself!  I'd have been completely embarrassed out of my mind in front of Ryan, except that he had triplet younger siblings and said he was having "flashbacks like 'Nam."  Loren tipped well and we got out of the restaurant in a hurry!

There's a little video of Nadia singing her ABCs here.  At the end, Nadia says her trademark "Good job, Nadia!"  She says that at the end of songs, TV shows - just about anything that comes to an end, whether she's done it or not.  Max, after doing something, is now in the habit of saying "Good job, Nadia!"  I even find myself saying it randomly to things the kids do.  It's contagious.

Angus and his lady-friend, Thalia.

Two Nadias sharing a moment.

Our new cubbies. Our home is starting to look like a daycare center!

Kelli and Nadia

Angus with "eye polish" on. Luckily it's washable marker.

Christmas Lane - looking at Christmas lights.


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