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Update 11/28/07

A First and a Last

This month has seen Angus turn into a five-year-old and he experienced his first taste of freedom on two wheels last weekend.  Loren and I were both teary-eyed as we watched our little boy zip down the street on his bicycle for the first time.  I'm not even sure why it affected us so greatly, except that we see it as a sign that time marches forward and we have precious few years to enjoy our little people.   The time we spend with our loved ones is priceless.

With heavy hearts, this month, we buried our sweet kitty.  She was a lovable long-haired Hemingway Ragdoll Manx (with 26 toes).  A neighborhood dog escaped from his yard and attacked and killed her.  So sudden.  We are all despondent, but none feels it more than Kelli.  Our precious floppy furball was nine years old, and she had been Kelli's constant companion since she was a little girl.  We saw her for the last time on Saturday and our home feels empty without her.  She was loved.

Highlights from November:

  • We went to Ribfest with the whole crew and pigged-out on some tasty ribs.  I can't believe how well-behaved the little ones were.  We do, however, need to teach Max that it is NOT okay to pull his pants down and pee in the middle of a crowd.  He peed on my foot (and Kelli's).  It startled me and I let out a little scream.  At that point, loads of people turned around to see the little boy with the big stream.

  • Our whole crew went to ride the real Thomas the Tank at A Day out with Thomas.  The kids weren't all that impressed and we weren't either.  We drove for over an hour and the kids were really more interested in a local playground in front of the train.

  • Angus had his fifth birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.  It was a big hit and a big success.  Once again, I'm impressed that we can do that sort of thing now with our children.  Outings are becoming much more enjoyable.

See our little Elves here.

Me to the kids:  What's your favorite color, guys?
Angus:  My fravorite color is green.
Ruca:  I like puhple (purple).
Nadia:  I like red (shouted with enthusiasm).
Max:  Favorite color chicken (said in monotone high-pitch voice).
My sweet Max.  He's going to get the hang of this conversation thing one day and he's just not going to stop talking, I'll bet.

Max - Pull My Finger, Mom

Angus rides his bike.


Loren with
Hello Kitty

Max, Angus and Ruca

at Ribfest

At Chuck E. Cheese
with cousins.

Angus's Birthday

Max, Nadia and Angus
on a trampoline.

Max, Ruca, Nadia
visiting our neighbor's dogs.

Angus with his first
taste of freedom.

My big bike rider.

Ruca and Max

Angus is five!

My fashion queen,

My four little ones
with their cousins.

Chuck E. Cheese
and Loren

More of Angus's party.

My big boy, Kevin.

Rest in peace, my
sweet kitty.
Oct 12, 1998-Nov 24, 2007

Camryn, my sweet


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