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November 20, 2008

Just 365 Days

Three-hundred and sixty-five days... Doggone it, that's all the time any parent will ever have to enjoy his or her child as a three-year-old or a four-year-old, and so on.  Well, a few nights ago, I scooped up my little boy, Angus, before I tucked him in his bed to do our ritual:   "Nite-nite, sleep tight, wake up bright in the morning light to do what's right with all of your might...."  And then I squeezed that 5-year-old boy and just inhaled the sweet smell of his skin and hair and felt his ever-so-comfortably warm heavy body on my lap and once again tried to commit to memory all of what my senses were drawing in because it was the last time in my entire life that I would ever tuck in a five-year-old Angus. I didn't share with him the tears I had welling in my eyes.  He's been nothing but a complete source of joy.  

Then (curse the passing of time) sure enough, morning came.  And time had stolen my five-year-old and had replaced him with a brand new six-year-old boy who donned the biggest Angus smile ever. I picked him up.  I have to.  I'm setting a goal to pick that boy up each day until either he grows too heavy or he outgrows wanting his mom to pick him up.  So far, he's good with it.  Considering he weighs close to more than half of my weight at this point, it won't be much longer that I can hoist that boy up without slipping a disk in my back.  For now, I will pick him up.


This morning upon waking and being greeted by my sunshine boy, I grabbed him and hugged him and told him, "I think I'm going to really really love having a six-year-old Angus."  And then unspoken, I thought to myself, "Only 363 more days to be with a 6-year-old Angus."  Guess I'd better make an effort to enjoy every minute.  It is true, what they say....each day is a gift and each moment is precious.

Latest and greatest:

Check out the most recent triplet-related postcards I've acquired.  Some of them are incredibly interesting.

Funny, cute, or memorable:

  • Yesterday, at school a classmate of our girls called out, "Hi, Ruca!"  Not getting a reaction, the little girl screamed "Ruca, hi!  Ruca! What are you doing?"  Nadia, who was standing right next to me, responded, "Hi.  I'm waiting with my mom."  Ruca was nowhere nearby.  This isn't the first time that one of the girls has answered for the other.  Interesting identical twin thing.

It's late and I'm tired.  I have so very little time to live inside of the internet and I have so much to add...but my eyes are closing and in a minute, this will be incoherent.  Thanks for reading this far.

Here are some video and photo highlights of this past month for your viewing pleasure.

Baby Snakes Don't Poop


Max wants to be an Identical Twin


Angus will do an update soon, for now he recites the
presidents from Washington through George Bush.


Officer Ruca in her police girl Halloween costume.

Angus and Max, Power Rangers. Nadia as an Oompa Loompa and Ruca as a police girl.

Nadia and me in our Oompa Loompa costumes. I made these.

Officer Ruca arresting Nadia, the Oompa Loompa.

A fox who was hanging out in our backyard.

A little guy at the top was afraid to ask our gang to move. I don't blame him. Our four-headed Rhoton monster can be pretty scary.

Playing with recycled tires - it doesn't get much more entertaining.

Loren and the triplets on a little bridge in our neighborhood.

Our ballerina skateboarder.

At the pumkin patch. Max didn't want his picture taken.

Our trio can swing themselves now. Bitter sweet. I love that they're growing. It's sad that they won't ask me to push them anymore.

Strange photo. Notice that they both have the same basic posture and they both appear to be one-legged.

Max and Nadia in my parents' backyard.

Our nieces making a not-so-spooky Halloween cookie house.

Our not-so-spooky Halloween cookie houses.

My three on their 4th birthday.

Four-year-olds! I can't believe it.

Nadia and her baby snakie.

Daddy and Nadia sharing a special day, skipping down a street in downtown Tampa. How incredibly sweet!

Angus and Max, fast asleep and holding hands.

Ruca with her princess skirt under her dress, a Ninja Turtle mask, and hat. So very Ruca.

Max and Angus holding hands asleep again.

Isn't that just make-you-melt precious?!

Max, a bit peeved because I told him he's a triplet and not an identical twin.

Nadia and her matching teddy.

Ruca and her new doggie.

At school.

The kiddos' first log ride experience. They loved it!

Soaked by the log ride.

Angus and his new spikey hair.

Ruca, Angus and Max acting goofy.

A pile of Rhotons.

Our kids with their cousins at the zoo.

Ruca, Max and Nadia grooming a goat.

A really awesome group of kids!

My kiddos ready to go Trick-or-Treating.

A pile of kids on Daddy while watching TV.

My gorgeous boys (and Ruca snuggling next to Angus).

Daddy conquered the kids.

Nadia as an Oompa Loompa

Our gorgeous Bengal kitty, Rumple.

At Costco, Nadia reaching up to wash her hands in her ballerina costume. A tiny girl and a fleeting moment.

Our three are four!

Just a silly peanut I found that had triplets in it. I'd never seen that before. Should have sold it on Ebay!

A built-in dance team at our friends' wedding reception.

Even little people like taking pictures of triplets.

Our gorgeous girlies!

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