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Update 10/30/07

Three is a Magic Number

Three years ago this week we brought our trio home from the hospital to start a new chapter in our lives.  I was scared to death.  Those three precious people scared the bejeezus out of me, or rather the daunting task of raising them did. 

For three years, it's been "all about triplets."  I never wanted to be one of those obnoxious moms of multiples who injects the phrase, "Well, you know, I've got triplets." into every conversation with anyone who'll listen.  But, it's nearly impossible not to define yourself as a "triplet mom" when you're knee-deep in children.  Every second of every day is all about moment-to-moment troubleshooting and survival with three infants or three toddlers and it is "all about triplets."

But, this year has brought great changes.  We no longer use strollers, wagons, diaper bags, leashes, cribs or any other piece of baby equipment, save for the few baby gates I still can't part with.  It's nice.  It's starting to be "all about family" and not the triplet thing. 

So I said just that to my wonderful hubby the other day..."Wow, this is more like having just four children - not like having triplets at all" as we strolled peacefully through a park enjoying the day with our four little ones.  But the next day, a trip to Costco with our three grumpy 3-year-olds was enough to remind me that sometimes it still is "all about triplets."  A triple treat of tantrums in an acoustically overwhelming warehouse - fun stuff!

Boy, those three precious little beings flipped our world upside-down and turned our house inside-out, but three years later, a new sort of normal is immerging and I think we can look forward to some smoother sailing ahead.

What's new in our lives...

  • Our trio had a wonderful 3rd birthday - low-key but full of excitement.

  • Then three days later, Kevin had is 19th birthday.  How can that be!

  • Angus's 5th birthday is coming soon and he's looking forward a really big party this year.

  • Kelli's nearing 17 and I'm hopeful that she'll have a car in the next few months.

  • Kristi and Paul are trudging away, continuing to guard the freedom we hold dear (Thanks, guys!)

  • My beautiful sweet granddaughter, Camryn, is walking, talking and growing way too fast, too far away from me!

My new little video project is below, as well as a Rockyou slideshow and thumbnails of the photos from the slideshow (which I included for the family members whose computers can't recognize the slideshow.  I wish I had more pix and videos of my older kids, but if you know anything at all about teenagers - posing for impromtu pix and candid video for mom is NOT cool.  Maybe I should get a shirt that says "Official Myspace Photographer" and they'd be more willing...




Milkman Max
making messes.

Angus goofing
around in the canoe
before our canoe

Four under a rug.

A few of the six
dozen face
cookies for the
trio's b-day.

Trio of 3-year-olds

Making Halloween
candy houses.

Eating's as much
fun as making.

Kelli is an
awesome big sis!

Halloween house.

Picking out
a pumpkin.

Angus choosing
pumpkins for all
of the little ones.

Max loved the
bumpy pumpkin.

Loren and Max


With our pumpkins.

Camryn with her
Angus and the

Can't believe how
big Camryn is.

Camryn's BIG

Ruca's gonna need
some braces,
I think.

At the pumpkin




Face cake, yum!





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