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Update 10/1/07

Simple Update

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Great news!  My son-in-law is back safely on U.S. soil after his deployment to Iraq.  Thank God, and thank you, Paul, for selflessly serving our country.  (You and Kristi are heroes!)  I'm so happy they're together again.  And Camryn can now keep them both running - she's a real walker now.  Big change from when her daddy left for Iraq.

Nothing really exciting to report.  We've had a busy few weeks with Angus's karate belt testing (he's now a yellow belt), a trip to the aquarium, a trip to the zoo, a trip to M.O.S.I., a trip to the beach, and a few nature walks with school thrown in for good measure.  The kids are really moving forward and, in many ways, are so much easier to deal with than when they were toddlers and infants.  They're understanding limits and exercising their judgment skills.  Nice.  Going out with them is becoming more about family and less about corralling a brood of animals.

Kelli's moving forward in her school work and has put in job applications all over town.  I sure hate the prospect of losing her as my built-in babysitter, but I know that a "real job" is in her future.

Kevin spent the weekend camping with friends in both Georgia and Florida and is now back to school at USF this week.

Nadia has really taken the "little Mommy" role to the extreme and she's now trying to wipe Ruca's bottom when she poops.  I've caught her trying to help Ruca on a few occasions..."Oh, you pooped, Ruca?  Okay, I'll clean your bottom."  Then she grabs a wet wipe.  I quickly intervene, but still, it's one of those sights (watching Ruca bent over so Nadia can help her wipe) that I just never even considered.  Too funny.  The girls definitely have some qualities to their relationship that I would only attribute to their twinship and it's very interesting to watch.

Max is moving forward in his language development, and although behind the girls, I was surprised when I started the "M" in Max and he continued with A-X and said, "that's Max."  He was also counting, "thirty-six, thirty-seven..." a few evenings ago.  Don't know where he was going with his counting, but the concept of continuity with numbers - well, that's pretty good for not being three, yet.

More later.  I'm beat.

Where does one
begin and the other

Angus got his
yellow belt!

Angus, testing
for his yellow

Loren, Ruca
and the new
orange tree.

Batboy's Sister

Nadia in a cave
at M.O.S.I.

Ruca, the goat
hugger - at the

Angus playing a
trick on us
at M.O.S.I.

The three little
ones had to taste
the water in the
stingray's tank.

Ruca and Max
getting ready to
take a walk with
some llamas.

Kevin giving
Spidey a boost.

Max on his
nature walk.
Always on his

Spoon Man

Trying out the
Halloween garb.

Max, the pirate.

Heading to the

Unbelievably easy
day with the little
ones at the pool.

Gorgeous day!
I love Florida

First easy day
EVER at the
beach for us.

I love watching
them explore.

Getting the sand

My gorgeous
daughter, Kristi
and my gorgeous
Camryn at a park.

My son-in-law,
Paul, enjoying
the merry-go-round
with Camryn.


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