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Update 1/11/07

I have a feeling...

Something tells me that 2007 is going to zip by faster than I can imagine.  I can't believe we're already almost halfway into January.  Jeez!  Anyway, I thought I'd just give a quick little update on the crazy Rhoton bunch. 

A few days ago, I experienced something I'd never in my life imagined I'd be part of.  I had just two of my closest friends over and we had EIGHT 2-year-olds and two 4-year-olds between us.  This wasn't an organized get-together.  This was just a few moms hanging out.  And, wow!  I was so impressed by just how many conversations we were able to complete while the little ones played.  It was nice and I'd like to make it a habit.

This morning was another first for me - taking triplet toddlers to the dentist.  I called ahead of time to discuss the logistics of taking not just three 2-year-olds to the dentist, but triplets to the dentist.  There's such a difference.  I think I could quite possibly have thought they were the same thing before I had triplets.  But here's what's different.  Three 2-year-olds who are related and who share 24-hour life together share in the unspoken language in which multiples are fluent - VERY.  Triplets know each other's next moves, give each other strength and confidence, aid in exploration - each one contributing his or her own unique skill to create a well-oiled machine. 

Case in point:  While in the office, our little crew were quietly waiting for their appointment.  Ours is a group that enters a room and owns that room within minutes.  All four were happily playing with those bead/wire things that kids play with (what are they called?) and all four of them were humming in harmony.  Not loudly, not obnoxiously, but with 4 kids humming in unison, it's something you can feel as well as hear.  It was like a pulse - a heartbeat.  They were mesmerized with one another and almost chanting.  Strange and fascinating and I nearly wet my pants trying to control my laughter.  I had a feeling that all of the other parents who were waiting were feeling so many things - baffled, irritated, fascinated, annoyed, repulsed, amused.  The waiting room as full, and it was just our children who were making any noise.  I expected much worse.

Incidentally, their appointments went exactly as I expected.  Each one cried through the experience, but we were ultimately glad we had them seen.  Another 6 months to a year before we have to try that one again.

More updates soon.  I'm bursting with things to say.  Just not enough time in the day.


Max bathing in the sink after a messy meal.

They're still small enough for the sink!

Princess Nadia in the sink.

Rubadubdub, three kids in a tub of legos.

Big blue eyes and big brown eyes.

You can tell from the profiles that they're brothers.

Ruca put herself in timeout for saying "go away!" to Kelli.

Nadia and her cousin on the beach. Gorgeous day!

Ruca and her cousin enjoying the warmish water and gorgeous weather.

Max, exploring with Daddy.

Angus, Nadia and Daddy with the cousins. So lucky to live where we do!

Angus, sharing a moment with Nadia (his teeny-tiny girl).

Kelli sharing a kiss with Ruca.

My clean-up crew - wiping the fingerprints off the mirror.

My baby behind the wheel!

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