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Update 12/31/06

Crossing Bridges

Boy, my life sometimes feels like just one cliché after another.  But, really.  We do use the term, "when we cross that bridge..."  Well, we've crossed one bridge - the gotta-cut-the-feet-off-the-pj's-and-turn-them-backwards bridge.  Our children are nudists!  They'd live without clothes if we didn't keep them in one-piece impossible-to-remove outfits.  I scour the internet searching for one-piece outfits that I think are escape-proof.  Then came our streaking girls.  Rrrrrippppp!  Just after putting zip-up sleepers on, we hear a ripping noise, which can only mean our children have shed their clothing and are ripping their diapers off.  So, finally, reluctantly, we cut the feet off the pjs and turned them backwards so that they can't get them off.  Not that they won't try, of course.  Next step is duct tape on the diapers.  There are so many wonderful colors of duct tape nowadays.  But, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Crossing more bridges, we've crossed the bridge into more advanced language skills.  Ruca said yesterday, "No, Daddy.  I  don't want to.  Okay, Daddy?"  That was in response to putting on socks with her shoes.  A complete thought, an opinion, a statement, clear, concise, and without reservation.  I was impressed.  She still had to wear the socks with her shoes. 

Crossing another bridge into 2007, we just passed into the new year.  Angus just went to bed.  This was the first New Year's celebration that he's been up to share in.  Heart-wrenching to feel.  My little boy is growing up.  Just after the ball dropped, Angus's head hit the pillow and he was out.  And, pretty soon, I will too.   Goodnight!

Working on our gingerbread house together.

My original three sharing a sweet sibling moment.

Kelli, covered in calamine lotion - age 2.

Kevin and Kristi - but I could almost SWEAR that's Max beside her.

Angus looking on as Ruca and Nadia dress up like princesses.

Cousins Riley and Sidney enjoying some fireworks with Kelli, Angus and Kevin

Sweet big-eyed Camryn. Man, I miss that baby!

Loren wrapped Angus like a Christmas present

Angus "unwrapping the Angus present"


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