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My Hero, My Love.... My Husband

If you've stumbled upon this page,  either I told you about this or you were snooping pretty thoroughly on my website.  This page is dedicated entirely to the man who takes my breath away - my hero, Loren.  


Okay, so this is totally sappy, but I couldn't do a website without including the one person in my life who shares the joys and challenges of this amazing life with me.  More than my hero - he's my best friend.

The reason why I put such a tiny little link to this page is simple.  I really created this page for my enjoyment - not to be boastful or overtly sappy.  Had I made this page easy to see, then it wouldn't hold the same sweet magic for me.  This page is all about my love for Loren - not about how I want others to view him.

There's just nothing sexier than a man who's loving with his children!


More new stuff about my wonderful man...

My wonderful guy just got back from Moab, Utah on a 4-wheeling trip with his dad and brother.  Wow, I missed him!

For more sappiness, click here.

Here's a picture of my gorgeous man.  When I first met him, I could never have imagined what an absolutely wonderful dad he would become.  But he truly is the best daddy in the world!
I'm so honored to share such a wonderful parenting experience with Loren.  He's the most selfless patient fun-loving father imaginable.


Here's a picture of Loren pulling the babies in the choo-choo wagon.  He has more fun with our kids than anyone I've ever met. 
I'm telling you, there's nothing quite as sexy as seeing the sexiest man alive rolling around on the floor covered in babies.


Not just a great dad, Loren's my best friend.  I can't wait for him to come home from work every evening.  Such comfort in seeing his face and hearing his voice. 

Our lives have changed immensely since the addition of the little people into our family, but our relationship continues to prosper, not just as parents but as friends.  Loren's sense of humor is incredible - dark and off the beaten path - and we have so much in common.  Sometimes I'm waiting for the dream to end.  How could it be that I've been given such a wonderful gift - a loving husband and wonderful kids?  I savor every moment.

Okay, so I haven't said nearly enough about my man yet.  Apart from being a great dad and my best friend, he's the best postconviction attorney - no, strike that.  He's the best attorney in the world.  He's honest, hardworking, and so intuitive and intelligent.  He makes law an art form. 
Though I hope never to need the services he provides, I'd be in the best hands possible with him as my counsel.  His book and website are soon to come out and I'll include links to both in the near future.


Oh, and one more thing - Loren's so talented.  He's a great writer, artist.  Okay, so he's not the best singer, but artistically he's the best.  He's currently working on Angus's/Max's room for the second time.  The first room was at our old house and was truly a work of art.  He's recreating it the best he can in our new house.  Here are pictures of the finished room in our old house.