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Home Movies

Below are some links to some cute, and hopefully quick-to-run, home movies.  I hope you enjoy!

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Trio Announce their Third Birthday

Chalkboard fun.

House with Triplets... Any questions?

Our little beach bums

Four-wheeling, Rhoton-style

Swiffering with Ruca

Ruca says Doggie

Angus - 3 years old

They're toddlers

Zoom Zoom Zoom


Our Monkeys

Pass the Earplugs

Gate Crashers

Naughty Kiddos

Spoof of Brain on Drugs:  House with Triplets

"I'm TWO!"

Flock of Seagulls

One or two of the clips above may take a minute or two to load.  Patience.

My personal favorite...




Angus and the Triplets in 2007
These are just some snippets from Oct 2006-Oct 2007.


Triplets - Days Like This
More marvelous moments with Angus and the little ones from Fall 2006-April 2007.


Nuttin' For Christmas
Aww, Santa still loves these guys!


Two Crazy Years! A Youtube Top Video - 57,000+ views!
Could it be?  The time just flew.  Holy cow!  Our three are two! 

Nobody Told Me There'd Be Days Like This
Strange days, indeed! Three minutes of multiples madness!

More Marvelous Multiples Moments
Nothing quite as precious as siblings doting on each other!

Joys of Multiples
I do think to myself quite often, "what a wonderful world!"

I'm No Supermom

Here's a little personal therapy.  This is the extended version of my Tough Sometimes video.  It's tough to keep going day after day sometimes chasing after little ones - especially when I'm greatly outnumbered.  Just poking fun at toddlerhood.


Triplets and Instant Celebrity
Most talked about triplet video in the world.

Disclaimer:  Due to some of the overwhelmingly negative feedback I've received about this video, I felt the need to add the following... No, I didn't think all of the comments were negative.  Yes, I know that having triplets is an amazingly-rare and wonderful thing and that people can't help but notice.  No, I don't think it entitles people to probe into our lives, touch our children, interrupt our conversations, and make thoughtless comments. And finally, there is a difference between the in-your-face confrontation-with-strangers kind of attention that I don't enjoy, and the very public website, which I so joyfully share with anyone who cares to see it. 
Here's a 5-minute peek of our first trip to the zoo with the babies.  I was completely unprepared for the instant celebrity.  So new to having triplets, I still hadn't figured out how to put on my "unapproachable face," avoid eye contact, ignore stares, prevent "touchers," etc.  We were interrupted mid-conversation, we were touched, and we were talked about as though we weren't even there. 

My daughter, Kelli, was kind enough to videotape the experience.  I know she was frustrated and uncomfortable with the unsolicited attention we received, but she enjoyed documenting the experience.

I'd made a promise to myself not to complain about the attention, being grateful for my trio, and I was determined not to let our having triplets be an interruption of "normal life."  But I was completely unprepared for the emotionally overwhelming paranoia I felt with being talked about, pointed at, and followed.  It wasn't easy.




Our Triplet Birth Video

Two-minute birth video of the triplets.

Oh, my goodness.  This is so sweet.  The triplets are really into hugs and kisses right now.  It's amazing to see the interaction.  Here's a quick clip (22 seconds) of Ruca and Nadia sharing a tender moment.  Ruca was dizzy from just having spun around and around, and watching Ruca stagger made Nadia giggle.  Such a precious video. 


Choo-choo Wagon

Here's a familiar sight in our neighborhood.  People who see us all the time still crane their necks to watch us go by.  Taking a step back and seeing this video, I can understand why.

They were actually a little bit calmer during the video.  Five minutes before, however...

Playroom Cleanup:  What's the Use?!

Half an hour of cleanup condensed into less than a minute.  No exaggerations involved.

Max's Hat

I sometimes envy small children.  If adults did the silly things kids do, we'd be committed.

Thirty seconds of Max's hat.

Max, sporting a different kind of hat.

Kelli and her friend, Tara, on the Skycoaster

Here are 2 little video clips of Kelli's skycoaster experience.

Skycoaster Part 1
Skycoaster Part 2