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Everything Ruca

Ruca Holland Susan Rhoton was born on October 14, 2004

Background on the name Ruca (Rukha)

'Rukha (Ruca)': Spirit and Force

Now Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit (Rukha d'koodsha), returned from the Jordan,
and the Spirit (rukha) carried him away into the wilderness, forty days,
in order that he might be tempted by the adversary (akilkarsa)...
(Luke 4:1-2a, New Testament translated by Dr. Lamsa)
Then the adversary left him alone;
and behold the angels drew near and ministered unto him.
(Matthew 4:11, New Testament translated by Dr. Lamsa)

Rukha is an unseen mysterious force from God (Alaha), which effects results in the nature of things. Rukha has demonstrative effect in the seen and experienced. While personal reflections and definitions permeate human understanding, rukha leads beyond the personal and into the wilderness (madbra)...'an unprotected state.'

We expect a moral life and right behavior would protect us, shield us from slander (akilkarsa, the slanderer) and a wilderness of uncertainty. We would expect the Creator to block any temptation so we are free to feel faith and share blessings. Yet, here we have Jesus being led by rukha into madbra. This is the way of the upright. This is the path of those choosing rukha.

We may feel a tendency to complain, to bemoan our struggles. We are left powerless and exposed by slander and doubt. We are 'carried away' and we find ourselves tempted. Tempted to choose a materialistic solution, a solution ensconced in the hurried and glittering world of the cities. We are tempted to seek a magical solution. We are tempted to harm ourselves.

When we accept the leading of Rukha and depend upon the strength and direction Rukha d'koodsha provides we endure the hardships of the wilderness and the slander of the adversary. And when we have come through this unprotected state we are visited by the angels, the spiritual instrumentalities of Alaha. The angels minister to us and we are prepared to face the life ahead of us. We do not see the angels without the leading of Rukha. The angels come following upon our surrender to Rukha d'koodsha's work.

Rukha has carried us to this place. We grow, develop, mature in the wilderness experience, within the leading of rukha. When we face uncertainties, when our faith is challenged, we grow.

Father, lead me by your Rukha d'koodsha and give me strength to face the uncertainties of life. Be present with me when I experience an unprotected state. Amen. 

Ruca shared a placenta with Nadia and shared the strength and adversity with Nadia in their journey into this world.  Blindly, we followed the path God had chosen for us through Rukha d'koodsha awaiting to come out on the other side of our pregnancy with the angels guiding our children into this world.  Such is the miracle that it was!

Some of my favorite shots of Ruca.

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