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Update on 12/4/06:

Stop, Drop and Roll

Having 2-year-old triplets is synonymous with putting out fires, in a manner of speaking.  I've learned with them, more than my others, to stop, drop and roll - stop what I'm doing when someone's having a fit, drop my expectations of carrying on with whatever it was I was trying to accomplish, and roll with the tide.  With one tantrum-throwing toddler, it's pretty easy to persuade, coax, distract or coddle.  With three, forget it. 

My kids are totally into their 2-year-old tantrums, and I'm so so grateful I've been through this before.  I'd be sure I have a serial killer, a sociopath, and a psychotic on my hands, had I not done this before.  They're very familiar with their own "putting out fires" technique of the stop, drop and roll - stop Mommy from doing anything by screaming bloody murder, drop down on the floor, and roll around acting like a maniac until the fit loses its power.  I'm just not falling prey to it.

Gotta say, however, that there's nothing quite as humbling as being at Costco in the checkout line with triplet toddlers having a triple-meltdown.  The look of pity and discomfort on the faces of those around us, alone is enough to make me cringe and cower.  If you've not personally had to deal with a very public multiple-toddler-tantrum in your own life, count your blessings.  It's a lot like feeling an intestinal bug coming on and no bathroom to run to.  You just have to sweat it out and wait for the intense cramping to subside, hoping - no, praying - that it will pass without breaking out into something far more embarrassing.

In two days, it's Kelli's 16th birthday.  That's a big one.  They say that toddlerhood is a preview of teenage years.  Maybe so, now that I look back on things.  Kelli was a pretty easy-going toddler.  I'm so happy that Kelli's such a good kid, who also happens to have her own version of the stop, drop and roll - stop listening to your parents by turning on your Ipod, drop everything when your friends call your cell, and roll around on the floor giggling with your friends at the craziest teenage inside jokes that just don't seem that funny to the rest of the world.  She's a great kid!

A view of Angus hanging over the new monkey bars - my new all-time favorite shot of him!

Kelli and the wee ones hanging out on our new geodesic dome.

Too many in a laundry basket.

In our backyard having fun.

One sink - three monkeys!


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