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Everything New


Heading into September...

Just a photo update this time.  I am working with a new program, Microsoft Expression Web 2, and I am so completely inept that I am
afraid to manipulate this website until I know what I'm doing. Once I run through the tutorials, I should be giving this website a
complete overhaul.


--- Kristi called me this morning.  She's been promoted to Staff Sergeant.  She'll be heading to Rota, Spain in December.

--- Kevin just moved into a new apartment.  It's a brand new building so he's enjoying the newness of it.  He's working up his thesis.

--- Kelli's getting ready to start school again as a freshman in college.  Wow, she grew too fast!

--- Angus will start his first day of first grade on Tuesday.  New school, new teacher, new friends. 

--- Ruca, Max and Nadia (and I hate to lump them in together like a three-headed four-year-old) are starting Pre-K next week.
     They are anxious to have all of their classmates return to their school.

Below are the photo highlights:

Disney Cruise Highlights

Here is our family photo upon boarding the ship.  The photographers were ready to get the family-behaving-nicely photo, but we had other plans.  In the photo are Loren and me with the seven kids and one grandkid.

Disney Cruise boarding photo

Our kids taught their niece, Cami, how to make funny faces.  Kristi didn't know that Cami was making this face when the photographer came by to snap this one.

Kristi and Cami

Nothing like waking up on a cruise ship and seeing the sun rise in another country.  Here are Ruca and Angus on our room balcony.

Ruca waking up in the Bahamas Angus catching a glimpse of Nassau

Some random photos of the cruise:  Castaway Cay, Kristi and Kevin at Animator's Palate onboard, Ruca and Nadia meeting Minnie (the highlight for them) and Nadia with Cami

Disney Cruise Castaway Cay Kevin and Kristi Animator's Palate The girls meeting Minnie Cami and Nadia

Deep Sea Divers

Loren made the submarine and I made the deep sea diver helmets for a school program.  We all had a lot of fun.

Rhoton Deep Sea Divers Rhotons with their helmets

Kelli - My High School Grad

My Kelli with her siblings All of us

Speaking of Kelli...

Here's Kelli with her quartet.  They sang at Downtown Disney.  She has a wonderful voice. I'm very proud of her.


Ruca - My Ambidextrous Artist

Ruca is the only truly ambidextrous person I've ever met.  I thought I was ambidextrous until I saw how fluidly she moves from one hand to the other, and at times uses both at once, to complete really interesting bits of art.  She truly has no hand preference and writes equally well with both.  Here is Ruca using two markers.  She worked both hands together to create the drawing on the right.

Ruca using two markers at once. Ruca's completed art.

A Beautiful Sister Moment

Nadia was telling Ruca, "Oh, Ruca!  You are so beautiful, honey."  They were so sweet.  I had to snap a picture or two.
Leave it to the boys of the household to make sure that no sweet moment goes untainted.

How sweet. My girlies. In come the boys. And more.


More Photos

A cute triplet moment, my great swimmers, and Loren standing guard at the beach.
A sweet triplet moment. All of them are terrific swimmers. Loren standing guard at the beach.
My ballerinas.  Neither went to their recital.  But they sure looked cute in the costumes.
My ballerinas Dancing girls.

I took the kids to see the 3D movie, Up.  Nadia's head is too small for those 3D glasses, so I made her a pair out of some sunglasses.  I popped the frames out of the 3D glasses from the last movie we saw and cut them to the frames of her sunglasses.  They worked perfectly.  I have no idea why they don't just make kid-size 3D glasses for kid movies.
At the 3D movie, Up
No,  Jasper is not being obscene.  He likes to drape himself over Rumple while he drinks.
Our bengals.
Our kids in their bowling shoes, my mom with the girls, and the kids playing Wii.
First bowling experience. My princesses with my mom. Playing Wii.
Me with all seven of mine, plus my granddaughter, Cami.  And a cute one of the four little ones.
Me with all seven of the kids and my granddaughter. My cuties.

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