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Are you sure you want to invite us over?

Little people can be very curious and very destructive.  Here are a few shots of our little ones being both.  I have no doubt this page will fill up quickly, so check back often.

I can just see the gears turning!


Cereal Killers

Went to help Angus in the potty. Heard "cereal noises" and giggles. Here's what I found. Don't worry, the camera is always on the counter in my kitchen for just such an occasion.

Here's what happens when 3 babies get into the kitchen cabinets.

Here's what happens when 3 babies get into the refrigerator. No, that's not beer in Max's mouth. It's spicy Thai peanut sauce.

Max and Angus make quite a pair!

Max in the frying pan

Notice Nadia in the background rearranging the highchairs.

Trouble in the dishwasher.

Trouble in the freezer!

Trouble in the pantry.

Notice Ruca in the cabinet. That was before everything was taken out.

And here is the "after" with some pretty satisfied kids.

It's no wonder the movies don't work!

When I hear giggles, I come running! But nearly always with a camera. They're fast!