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Here's what you'll need to complete your Kettler Triple Tricycle (or twin or quad):


Kettler Air Navigator, Kalypso, Combi, Happy Navigator, EURO-Happy and Jumbo, Navigator (or similar S-shaped adjustable trike from Kettler) - approximately $100-200.00 for the tricyle itself

Kettler Tandem Inserts - as many as you'll need for extra seats - approximately $60.00 each

Kettler Stroller Pushbar - approximately $65.00

Seatbelts - approximately $17.00 each

Optional basket and bells and footrest - approximately $11.00, $7.00, and $17.00 respectively


We got the Air Navigator which has rear-wheel steering, front steering lock, coasting pedal capability, and air-filled tires.  Some of the others don't have that feature.  Not sure how I like it yet, but I thought I'd list the parts.  I've heard great things and I've heard awful things about this.  We'll see what we think.



Kettrike Air Navigator, Air Happy, Navigator, or similar S-shaped frame trike.

Kettlet Tandem Insert - one for twins, two for triplets, etc.


Stroller Pushbar

Optional Basket and Bells