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Everything Camryn

Meeting Camryn - a three minute video adventure!

Kristi - my beautiful daughter getting to know her beautiful daughter

Camryn at 3 weeks old.

Here's sweet wonderful Camryn meeting her aunts and uncles.

Camryn Mila came into the world on July 9, 2006.  After 24 hours of labor, the doctors decided that Camryn was just too comfortable inside of Kristi.  It was very emotional, very surreal to watch my daughter in labor.  She was amazing - so strong.  Camryn was delivered by c-section and all is well with Mom, Dad and Camryn.  She's gorgeous, chubby and I'm completely in love with her!

Click on the smaller picture to enlarge it.

Getting ready to get weighed.

Off to the weight table.

Hi, Mom and Dad! Look at me!

This isn't so bad.

Smiles for the doctor.

This doesn't hurt!

Okay, maybe it does a little.

Shopping at the outlet mall.

Mommy, that's COLD!

Here's Camryn.