Angus and the Triplets

Starring Angus, Ruca, Nadia and Max
and featuring their older siblings - Kristi, Kevin and Kelli

Last updated on:  08/20/09

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Future Myspace Profile Pose

Nadia, Ruca, Angus and Max striking a "MySpace" pose.

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Who visited last year?

Fun to try to get a group photo with 2 sets of triplets and their siblings. 

And, the end result of the group photo attempt...

Laughter is, indeed, contagious!

Click here to see our first experiment with eating like big kids.

Click here to see the babies first group photo right after their birth.

Click here to see a before and after of our playroom.

Fun Facts about the babies

New Stuff at a Glance

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August 20, 2009

Approaching September

More of the story here.




Cleaning up after triplets is a lot like blowing up a balloon with a hole in it. - Lesa Rhoton (not unknown)


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